Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Are We Reading??

Thursday’s post were originally supposed to be about what book we were doing in our read-aloud time…that I was supposed to be more consistent about in 2013.  We have not had one read-aloud time in 2013.  We do “read-aloud” the Bible with our Bible time each morning, but my afternoon read-alouds that I really wanted to get consistent about have not fallen into place.  There are many “reasons” for this…but if I think it’s important, and I do, then I need to work it out somehow.  So, instead of telling you about what we are reading and learning in our read-aloud time, I am just going to tell you a little about what we are reading individually (except for me…that will come later.)

My 9 year old son has always loved books.  When he was little, I read to him a lot.  When he was less than 2 years old, I caught him “reading” his favorite book one day!  I was in another room, and I heard him reading the words of the VERY familiar story…and turning pages.  I walked into the room, and he was moving his finger along the words and saying the words…except his finger wasn’t on the words that he was “reading.”  He had memorized the book from having it read to him so many times…but it was mighty cute walking in and seeing him “reading” in his playpen.  His love for books has grown as he has…and he LOVES to read.  He checked out a “Hardy Boys” book at the library a few months ago, and has since read the first 9 books in the series.  Each time we visit the library, he checks out 3 or 4 “Hardy Boys” books.  He usually has these read well before our next visit!

My 8 year old son also enjoys reading…not as much as his older brother, but he does enjoy it.  During the summer, my husband and I watched as he walked through the house, with his nose in a book.  My husband looked at me, and said, “What is he doing?”  I said, “Reading.”  He didn’t want to put the book down!  (I so know how he feels!!!)  My husband thought that it was “interesting” that he was reading during the summer when he didn’t “have” to!  He tried out the “Hardy Boys” books as well, but they didn’t interest him as much as they did his older brother.  So, we got a recommendation from a family member for “The Magic Tree House” books.  He checked out a couple of those, and absolutely loved them.  He is currently on the tenth book in that series.  He has also read a couple of the “Research Guide” books that go along with the series.  Those are not as “interesting” to him because they are usually more non-fiction than fiction. 

My 6 year old daughter would read every minute of every day if she could!  She usually checks out “The Berenstain Bears” books from the library.  She has also recently started reading a series called “The Cul-De-Sac Kids.”  A family member recommended this series to us, and she used some of her own money to buy the first book in the series at “Lifeway.”  We were surprised to find that they also have this series at our local library!  She has read about 4 books in that series.  She really likes the characters, and I will often hear her laughing in her room as she reads!

Do your children have any particular books that they enjoy reading in their “free” time?

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