Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classical Conversations Info Meeting...

Thursdays…supposed to be “What Are We Reading?” days.  Still have yet to work read aloud time into our schedule…so, my post would basically say the same things as it did last week.  My boys are still reading books in the series’ that they each enjoy…and my daughter is doing the same.  However, something important is happening today that I wanted to write a little about. 

Tonight, I am attending an informational meeting about Classical Conversations.  I have heard of this type of homeschooling “style,” but never took time to really find out about how it “worked.”  I am going into this meeting pretty much blind about the whole concept.  My husband and I decided early on which curriculum we were going to use…because he used it when he was homeschooled growing up…so we took off with that and didn’t look back.  Until this year…  This year, I started seeing other curriculums that I thought would work better for our family.  I started to see the positive sides of “other” curriculums and see the not so positive sides of ours.  None of this to say that one curriculum is better than another…but that each family is different…and each year is even different.  What worked for us when we started, may not be working as well five years later.  So, I am going to this meeting tonight to see if it is something that God might have planned for one of the changes to make in the next school year(s). 

As I have read about Classical Conversations from other bloggers, I see that they are learning the things that I have always wanted to teach my child but didn’t feel like I had the TIME to do so.  It may be something that benefits us greatly if we choose to go that direction.  My main struggle is that I do NOT want to have more than one obligation outside of the home during the week.  We are already members of a co-op that meets once a week.  Therefore, if we decided to do Classical Conversations, which also meets once a week, I would have to forego the co-op.  The kids and I have many friends at the co-op…and I have expressed in the blog how thankful I am for the co-op, and the families there that have been such and encouragement and blessing in my life. 

Well, I will write more about the meeting next week…and the decision making process will probably continue until I start to get things ready for the next school year, which wouldn’t be until May or June…so I have plenty of time to mull this over.  I would like to know from any of you familiar with Classical Conversations…what do you like about it?  What do you NOT like about it?  Just the pros and cons from your own personal experience.  What led you to choose Classical Conversations for your family? 

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