Thursday, January 3, 2013

My 2013 OneWord

I had actually read about the OneWord idea last year (  ...and thought about it for a while.  I did not choose a word or really spend any time thinking about what my OneWord would be…  As I was reminded of it this year, I felt words coming to me almost instantly.  All of the words were nearly the same in meaning and direction…but I couldn’t choose ONE that nailed everything down.  I kept thinking and took time to seek God about the word that He would want me to choose.  He gave me one, alright.  Honestly, He has given me this word many times throughout the years…sometimes I followed through on those things to completion…and some of them are things that I still struggle with today.  So, my word…is CONSISTENT.

Merriam-Webster defines “consistent” as “marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity:  free from variation or contradiction.”  As I read that definition, I was sure that I had chosen the right word for what I want to happen in my life this year.  There are many areas of my life that I recognize the need for harmony, regularity, and free from contradiction!  I won’t go into everything here, but I will give some of my goals for consistency in my life.

Spiritually:  This is first for a reason.  I want to be CONSISTENT to be in the Word daily.  I want to be CONSISTENT in spending time with Jesus in prayer daily.  I want to be with wife and mother that God wants me to be…and I believe that comes from spending time with Him CONSISTENTLY.

Health-wise:  I am sure that many of you, like me, start this every year.  I even kept a record last year.  The last date on the record was 1-18-2012.  I didn’t even stay consistent for a month!!!  So, here we go again!  I want this to be a NEW year and not just ANOTHER year…especially in this area of my life.  You see, there is a lot of family history that shakes me when I dwell on it (so I try not to)…rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, alzheimers, diabetes…  As I read information about these health problems, the only thing that I can do at this point (before any diagnoses) is to be as healthy as possible…exercise regularly, be at an acceptable weight, stay active.  One goal in this area is to be CONSISTENT in exercise (at least 4 days a week).  CONSISTENTLY drink WATER!  Another goal is to be consistent to stop eating at 7 p.m.  I did this for a period of time last year…and it was the HARDEST one of my goals.  After the children go to bed, my husband and I usually sit on the couch, watch T.V., relax, and have a snack.  We aren’t REALLY hungry…it’s just the thing to do.  However, when I was consistent in not eating nighttime snacks, I did see a difference in my weight.  It definitely helped.

Other:  I want to be consistent in educating my children.  We have homeschooled all three of them since the beginning, and I want to make sure that I equip them with all that they need to pursue whatever they choose in their life.  I want to be consistent in planning our “lessons.”  I also want to be consistent in doing the things that I want to do…and not just what the books say to do.  For instance, I want them to learn the states in alphabetical order and their capitols this year.  Their books have not gone into any of that yet, but I want them to know it.  I was in the same grade as my oldest son when I was tested over the states and capitols, so I know that it’s about time that he know them…and as long as I’m teaching him, I might as well teach the younger two along with him.  (One of the great things about homeschooling…incorporation of different grade levels!) 

I also want to be consistent with this blog.  I want to write more…four days a week, at least.  As I have looked at and read other blogs, I like the idea of doing a specific thing for a specific day.  So, my ideas thus far are to have Mondays as a time to reflect on my OneWord.  Wednesdays would be “A Word from The Word Wednesdays.”  This is where I would go into what I’d studied in the Bible for the previous week.  Thursdays would be a “What We Are Reading” day…I like to have a read-aloud time with my children every afternoon.  We have some good selections that I’m looking into…and maybe having a day to blog about it will help me to be CONSISTENT in actually stopping what we are doing to have the read-aloud time.  Fridays will be a “free for all.”  This could be a multitude of things…marriage, children, homeschooling, fun things, or just what happened in “life” that week.  I hope to implement these no later than the week of January 14.

This is not an exhaustive list because I really want to get consistent about a lot of things in my life this year!


  1. Great word and great ideas!! My word is heart, I want a heart that reflects God!


    1. Thanks, Jenifer! I love your word and the direction behind it!