Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Word From The Word Wednesday

One of the greatest examples we have in the Bible of a person that truly has the joy of the Lord is Simeon (Luke 2:21-35).  He was a man prepared and looking for the Redeemer to come!  After all, he had been told by the Holy Spirit that he would not die until he had seen Jesus.  As Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus into the temple, the Spirit again spoke to Simeon to tell him that the One that he had been waiting for had come!  Simeon held the baby and showed his faith by blessing God and saying that the One he had been waiting for was this Child that he was now holding in his arms.  He also says that he is ready to go from this world now in peace because he was able to see the Savior of the world!  What more joy of the Lord can you ask for?  He had seen the Savior…that was all he was waiting for…and now he was ready to go from this world.
I read Matthew Henry’s commentary on these verses concerning Simeon.  I want to share some of his words with you.  “The same Spirit that provided for the support of Simeon’s hope, provided for his joy…He bids farewell to this world.  How poor does this world look to one that has Christ in his arms, and salvation in his view!  See here, how comfortable is the death of a good man; he departs in peace with God, peace with his own conscience, in peace with death.  Those that have welcomed Christ, may welcome death.”
Simeon had become an old man.  His strength was surely waning…but he had strength to do his daily duties at the temple.  I believe that Simeon not only rested in the hope that the Savior was coming, but he waited joyfully…  In Nehemiah chapter 8, verse 10, we read that the joy of the Lord is our strength.  Simeon rested in his hope, with JOY, that the Savior was coming!  What a day it must have been when the promise given to him was brought to completion!  He was able to hold the Savior in his arms!
Help me to wait for Your return as Simeon waited for Your birth…with hope and joy.  Thank You for coming to earth to be the Savior of all men…if they would only turn to You.  Thank You for Your Word that introduces us to people like Simeon.  Let my strength come from the joy that I find only in You.
In Jesus name,

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