Monday, January 14, 2013

OneWord Update...

Unfortunately, I can’t really say many great things about my CONSISTENCY so far this year.  My daughter became sick, my son became sick...many nights, I got very little sleep…so I didn’t do many of the things that I wanted to do… 

Breaking it down…my spiritual goals…I have spent more time in the Word lately…more time in prayer…not daily like I was hoping because many days this past week, I was just getting through.  We also started back homeschooling this week, so getting back into the swing of things is taking some time. 

My homeschooling goals…I have done really well at planning…setting time at the end of each week to plan and get things together.  I try to get this done on Friday afternoons, but I have had to do some things on Saturday for the past couple of weeks so that Monday through Friday go as smoothly as possible.  I have been focusing on multiplication skills with my boys, and they have done much better this week.  My daughter began counting money this week…she was frustrated at first…but is catching on quickly.  We have yet to begin states and capitols, but I still plan on doing that, hopefully in the coming months.

My health goals…I hope to get that bike next month!  I haven’t exercised much these past couple of weeks.  I do my exercise early EARLY in the morning…the only time that I can fit it in…and after having so many rough nights with my children being sick, I just couldn’t make myself get up so early.  I have done pretty well with my water.  I have started to switch out soft drinks for water during meal times.  I need to add more water for in between times…just to make sure that I get the 64 oz.+ that I want to drink each day…but have yet to get that in gear.  I may have slipped up a couple of times with snacks after 7 p.m. but I am doing better. 

My other goals…well, here I am blogging…hoping to get 4 days of blogging in this week…so I can update that better next week… 

Here’s to a better week…it’s Monday…so a new start!


  1. Hillary, I love your comment on my blog, Sweet Blessings: so I am thinking that January should have its own four words..."Work Out The Kinks!" That is so true! :)

    Consistency is a great word and like all things, it takes time to get there. I am so glad we still have 50 weeks left in this year to get things right! :)

    1. Thanks for the reminder that I have 50 more weeks to get it right! :)