Monday, January 28, 2013

OneWord Update (and more changes)

I recently told another blogger friend of mine that January should have it's own four words..."Work Out The Kinks."  It's so true.  Getting things on to a new schedule, or back on to an old one, working on what you want to do NEW for the NEW takes some time to get everything exactly the way that you want, once again, I am making some changes to the plans that I had laid out about three weeks ago... 

I will include the change that I have made along with my update...

Spiritually:  I spent time in the Word last week...daily.  I spent time in prayer daily.  I have been learning a lot and getting closer to God through my time with Him each day.

Homeschooling:  I have kept up with my plans this past week...  We did go off schedule for a couple of days and are catching back up this week...the beauty of homeschooling!  The getting off schedule was not a planned it ever?...some of it I could have helped, some I couldn't have...  The great thing about homeschooling though is that I know where they are and where they need to go...the individualized part of homeschooling that cannot be done in the public schools is one of my main reasons for doing it.  Besides that, I am trying to make some changes for next school year.  While I am ready to make decisions NOW, my husband is one that likes to think about things for a while.  So, I am having to learn patience as I wait for him to decide what he thinks is best, and ultimately for the Lord to reveal to us what he wants for us in the next school year.  It is a tough decision...pros and cons here and I could really use your prayers in this situation...

Health goals:  Do I even want to go here?  Last week was not a good week for being consistent...neither with exercise or with what I was eating/drinking.  I did make it to the gym today though, so hopefully this week will go better.  :) 

Blogging goals:  I blogged four days last that was up to par with my goal.  This is where I am implementing a change.  I think that weekly is too often to update on the OneWord.  I am thinking that monthly would be better.  With that in mind, I have decided to make Mondays something different (haven't really decided yet...).  I will continue to blog four days a week, but Mondays will no longer be for OneWord updates. 

If you chose a OneWord for 2013, I'd love to know how you are doing! 

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