Thursday, January 31, 2013

Classical Conversations Informational Meeting

Yes...once again, it is Thursday.  Once again, I have not done read alouds with the children.  I hope to start implementing this...I really, really just seems that our time is so crammed sometimes that just getting the basics done is a real accomplishment.  Anyway, instead of making Thursdays for our read-alouds, I think it will be something like Friday...a "free" write about whatever strikes me.  I do intend to share our read alouds once we get to them...

Last week, I wrote a post pre-informational meeting about Classical Conversations.  I had read several blogs about it and some other online information.  After reading those things, I became very interested in what I was going to learn at this meeting.  I took notes, asked lots of questions, and came away feeling like "THIS" is what I have always been striving toward.  It seems like this is the way I was meant to teach and to homeschool my children.  I cannot describe it any other way rather than it just seems to F.I.T. in every way possible. 

Since then, I have been SCOURING for more information.  I feel like I know about as much about CC as I can without being a part of it.  I have found so many positive things about it that today I decided to type into the search box, "things I don't like about Classical Conversations."  A site came up that had a review...and people were asked to list pros and cons.  Almost every single one of them listed, "None," or "I can't think of ANY," in the cons.  I feel the same way!

February 12, I will go for an open house.  This is where we will actually SEE it in action and my children will participate as much or as little as they would like.  There are a few kids in the group that they know already, so it should be a fun experience for them and a learning experience for me. 

(The streets of Italy have never seen such sites as these three!  This was taken at our local art museum last year.)

If you would, please pray that God will show us in an undeniable way if this is what He wants us to be least for the next school year.  I have always said and plan to always make decisions year by year based on what has worked and what has not.  This year, a lot of new things worked...we have actually done a lot better in many areas of homeschooling this year than any other before...BUT there are still changes to be made...and I think that this is one change that will be extremely beneficial to us. 


  1. praying for you, Hilary! I answered you over at my FB page, thanks for stopping by and wishing you much grace and peace with your decision making, I know it can be crazy-making, all the choices we have in homeschool-land now!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping at my blog and commenting! It is hard making these decisions. It is our children's education that we are responsible for, after all. :) I just want to do what God wants me to do.