Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Marriage Series

For the next four days this week, I will be posting about marriage.  I can just see some of the confused looks now, thinking, "I thought this was a blog about raising your children...you know, Proverbs 22:6...raise up a child in the way he should go...so, why a series about marriage?"

I truly believe that my husband plays a huge role in the raising of our children.  Even though he is with them less hours in a day than I am, his role is incredibly important.  I believe it's important for children to have both "Mama" and "Daddy" active in their lives.  I also believe that my marriage will reflect in my children as they grow up.  To have them raised up in the way that they should go, they need to see people living in the way that they should go in their day-to-day lives...which makes the relationship between my husband and I an important part of what they will become as adults. 

I hope that you enjoy this week of posts focused on Biblical marriage.

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