Monday, August 26, 2013

A Day In The Life...

We are beginning our third week of our 2013-2014 homeschool year.  I wanted to share with you all a little about what a typical day in our homeschool "looks" like.

After we have breakfast, we have our Bible time.  During this time, the children all sit on the couch and I sit in a chair facing them.  I tell them what portion of Scripture we will be reading that day, and they all find it in their Bibles.  We usually take turns reading, verse by verse, and after we are finished, I will go over it a little and try to break it down so that they understand it better.  Then, I might ask them questions about the passage we read, if they don't have questions for me.  We then have prayer together.  (If there is a time of the day when we get "caught up," this is usually it.  I don't mind it though.  If they want to spend longer with questions about God's Word, then I feel like that's more important that math, science, and social studies anyway.)

After our Bible time, we have exercise time.  I have always felt that I needed to incorporate more physical activity into our homeschool days...especially at the times when our kids are not involved in sports.  During the "off season" or if we just simply didn't get to sign up during a certain season, I wanted something to get them "active."  So, I found a homeschool P.E. program that goes through the age levels and grade it can be used for many years to come and with multiple age levels.  It is called Family Time Fitness.  I try to do "exercise" early to get the "wiggles" out before we do any seat work. 

The rest of the day would probably look like chaos to anyone who isn't with us every day.  After exercise time, I go with my oldest boy to teach him his math lesson for the day.  During this time, his younger brother and younger sister do their reading.  After the oldest boy is finished with math, we all meet together at the couch again for language.  After that, the middle child goes to his room with me to do his math lesson while the oldest does reading and my little girl has free time.  After the boys are finished with math, I do math with my daughter while the boys have some free time.  Once everyone is finished with the two "r's," we come together for the final "r"...writing...which is done as we study our spelling words. 

After all of this, we finally have lunch!  It seems like a busy morning, and it is...but I like to get them while they are "fresh."  :) 

After lunch, we work on one of a few "projects" that I'm hoping to finish this year.  Our first one is to learn all 50 states in alphabetical order!  After they have this "mastered," I have a list of things that I thought of over the summer that I have in our plan book. 

I then do language, phonics, and science with my daughter.  Then I do science with my boys.  After that, we all come together again for vocabulary...and our ideal plan is to do read-alouds after that, but after 2 full weeks of school, we still have not implemented it!  :(  So, hopefully, I can fit that in there somewhere sometime as well. 

By the time we have all of that done, it's time for their Daddy to get home from work, so I switch from teaching to cooking...and try to get supper on the table shortly after he gets home. 

Like I said, this is our typical day...but sometimes things don't go as planned, and I just try to get back on plan as quickly as I can.  Sometimes I can get us back on track quickly, other times, not-so-quickly. 

I would love for you to share with me about your typical homeschool day!!!

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