Monday, September 9, 2013

K.I.S.S.! (Keep It Simple, Sister!)

Does your husband know that you love him?  Many times, we believe that we have to spend money to show our spouse our love, or do something “extravagant.”  However, the “little things” mean a lot.  The way that you show him that you love him on a day to day basis is what really speaks to his heart.  We usually don’t need to be reminded of these things in the “courting” phase or the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship, but often, after children and 40+ hour work weeks, the simple, daily things are pushed to the side.  We begin to believe that a weekend getaway or a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant will be the best way to show our love for one another, and we never find the time or the money for such things.  This is often when our spouse can begin to feel like their love tank is running on empty. 

Here are a few simple ways to refuel your sweetheart’s “love tank.” 
  • Steal some kisses!  As you pass in the hallway, stop him and give him a kiss!  Find other ways to “sneak” in kisses throughout the day.
  • Send  him text messages.  Don’t talk about what you need him to pick up from the store, just tell him something that you love about him.  The point is not to just communicate, but to let them know that you are thinking about him!
  • Show interest in his interests.  Even if you aren’t interested, find something about his interest that you can “participate” in.
  • Be the one to make the first move!  Reach out and hold his hand.  Sit next to him and put your hand on his knee.  Give him a shoulder or foot massage unexpectedly.
  • When your spouse arrives home from work, meet him at the door, looking presentable, and greet him with a welcome home kiss.
  • Set up a cheap and/or “at home” date night.  Many times, my husband and I have waited to have dinner until the kids were in bed so that we could have an “at home” dinner date.  We have also had “cheap” date nights simply by taking a walk together while someone was able to watch our children for a while.  (Although I believe that "date nights" are important and that it is good to go "out" sometimes, who you are with is the important part, not where you are.)
  • Compliment him!  Know his strengths, and praise him for how he uses that to bless you, your family, and others.  Make sure that some of your compliments are done in front of others--especially his parents!  This will let them know how much you love him as well! 
  • Most importantly, and oftentimes most neglected, TELL him that you love him!  Tell him often!  Tell him what you love about him!  And, tell your children that you love their daddy!  You and your husband will be their example for marriage if they are ever blessed with a husband or a wife, so make sure that the example that you are setting is what you want for them.
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