Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why Homeschool? {Part Three}

I am sharing reasons that my husband and I chose homeschooling as the best option for our family in a series of posts.  There are definitely so many reasons that it would take me a long time to cover them, so I am touching on the points that are most important to us at this time, leading up to our number one reason that we chose homeschooling.  Today, in part three, I am sharing one that can be quite controversial.

• “I can regulate what is being taught to my children.”  “I can teach moral values that are not allowed to be taught in public schools.  We can have prayer together.  We can read our Bibles aloud together.  We do not have to teach that things like homosexuality are acceptable because Biblically it is not!  We can teach that abortion is not an option because it is murder.”   One of the main reasons that I chose to teach my children at home was because of what I saw happening in the public schools  (I was a public school teacher for a couple of years before my husband and I got married…more on that next time).  Subject matter that should have been left to parents to teach in their own way and own time became part of the curriculum taught at whatever grade that the “people in charge” decided.  The “people in charge” know nothing about my child, so I do not understand how they can decide which age my child should learn certain things.  Subjects such as sex education should be something that parents deal with, not a teacher who does not my child the way that I do.  The main teaching that goes on in the “sex ed” classroom is “safe sex.”  Sex before marriage is not safe.  The only “safe sex” is no sex.  So, children are taught to go ahead and have sex, just do it “safely.”  “If you do end up getting pregnant, it is okay too because WE can take you (without your parents’ permission or knowledge) and let you get an abortion.”  This is not how I want my children to be taught. 

Teaching that homosexuality is acceptable is also something that the public schools have begun to do.  Homosexuality is wrong Biblically and even “naturally” because we all know that a man and a woman are needed for reproduction.  Even as young as Kindergarten, where students are anywhere from age 4-6, some of the stories that they were to read would deal with the homosexual lifestyle being “okay.”  This is something that again needs to be left to the parents to discuss with their children and not for our public schools to do.  Evolution is another thing that is taught in public schools.  The alternative (creation) is rarely mentioned, if at all.  I can teach my children how the world and its inhabitants were really created, and about Who created all of it.  I do tell them that some do not believe that this is true, and give them an overview of what they believe happened.  These are the things that I really want my children to “get.”  I want them to grow up to be the man or woman that God wants them to be; one who loves Him and desires to do His will.  I believe that the more time I can spend with them, instilling these values and morals, the better their chances to become Godly men and women when they are grown-up.  “Teach a child the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  I was told many times to “be careful” about the true, Biblical things that I said in my public school classroom because I would “get in trouble.”  I can teach true, Biblical principles and morals to my children at home.

Stay next post will finish the series and include our number one reason for choosing homeschool.

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