Friday, November 16, 2012

San Francisco: Day One

After a long, relaxing, BEAUTIFUL trip down the coast, we finally arrived in San Francisco.  Our actual stop was in Emeryville, just outside of San Francisco.  Our train had actually been delayed that morning, so we got there much later than we had planned.  We stayed at a VERY nice hotel (Marriott) within walking distance of the train station.  We walked over there, talked the attendant at the desk, and he ended up UPGRADING our room.  We were supposed to have just a “regular” room but he upgraded us to a small suite.  This had two VERY large beds…(they were the most comfortable beds I believe I had ever been on) and a couch that had a pull out bed.  We also had a balcony with a very nice view…  Here is our view at night…

And in the morning, we discovered this famous site that we could see from our balcony!!!

We slept a little later that morning since we had gotten in later the previous night.  We were late for the continental breakfast that the hotel provided, so we had to find something else to eat.  Looking out from our balcony, we saw a little café…it was appropriately named, Emery Bay Café!  We decided to go there for a late breakfast, early lunch.  My husband had an omelet, I went more of the lunch route with a club sandwich with potato salad, and the children shared a breakfast plate (pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon).  The food was DELICIOUS!  We all tried a little off of each other’s plates…so I can vouch for it all!  If you are every in the Emeryville area and need a place to eat, I highly recommend Emery Bay Café! 

After finishing our meal, we walked to the subway station.  We took the subway into downtown San Francisco. 

We spent most of the day searching for our hotel.  We asked for directions, and someone sent us the LONG way around.  Afterward we found out that we were VERY close to our hotel, but the guy giving directions must have not known the town very well.  The thing I remember most about our first hours in San Francisco was the wind!  It was so windy that actual garbage was blowing around the city.  I had a piece of cardboard blow on to my legs, and I had to PUSH it to get it off!  It was like something that you would see in the movies…never experienced anything like that before! 

We stayed at The Opal in San Francisco that night.  It was a VERY nice hotel…an old hotel that had been renovated.  They are still upgrading parts of it, but they are keeping it like it was in many ways as well.  It had a feel and an atmosphere about it that took you back in time!  We really enjoyed staying there! 

After we checked in, we decided to see a little more of the city before turning in for the night.  We took the bus to see the Golden Gate Bridge. 

We wanted so much to walk across it, but our first day in San Francisco was very cold!  We decided that we would try that some other time…maybe on another visit to the west coast!  It was amazing to see the Golden Gate Bridge though, and our children will never forget it.  They have found it in movies lately, and point it out saying, “We were there.  That’s the Golden Gate Bridge!” 
When we got back near our hotel, we decided that it was time to eat some dinner.  Connected to The Opal was a restaurant called “Mel’s Diner.” 
We decided to take advantage of its location…eat our dinner, and then walk a few feet to the elevator to go up to our room for the night.  The diner was set up as such…it looked like something from the 50’s.  As we sat down, we noticed a picture of Guy Fieri!  He had been there with his show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” that I LOVE to watch!  I thought that was pretty cool!!  We ordered a pretty regular meal there…burgers and fries…and my daughter Sarah ordered, “Sarah’s Grilled Cheese” from the kid’s menu.  She was so excited to see her name attached to a food that she loves! 

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