Friday, November 2, 2012

San Antonio: Day Two

Our second day in San Antonio began with the continental breakfast in the hotel lobby.  We decided that after that, we would go to the zoo!  We had read that the San Antonio zoo is America’s third largest zoo.  The reviews were great, and we knew that it would be something that the kids would really enjoy.  (I have always liked zoos as well!)

Leaving the hotel...

 Everyone must have had the same idea!  There were a lot of people at the zoo!!

 These hippos underwater with the fish eating off of them was one of the best exhibits there!

 Caleb looking at the hippos...

 What's in there?! 
Mark and Sarah looking through a hole in the wall to see some alligators!

This elephant was swaying back and forth...  It looked like he was dancing!  Sooo cute!!!

 My husband had read about the Japanese Tea Gardens.  He had mentioned it to me, but I wasn’t very interested.  As we were leaving the zoo, we saw the signs for the Tea Gardens.  Since we would be waiting a while for the bus to take us back into town, we decided to use our time to visit the Tea Garden.  I am so glad that we did.  It was absolutely beautiful there!  It was something that I was NOT interested in visiting at all, but am now thinking about what it would be like to go back in different seasons to see the difference in plants and foliage and such.

 When we arrived back at our hotel room that evening, we did a “Skype” call with my mother-in-law and father-in-law.  We had decided to let them tell the children where we were going next.  We recorded it on video, and are so glad that we did…because it was absolutely hilarious.  My father-in-law told the children that we had gone west on the train to go to Texas, and that if we headed east, we would head back home…but instead, we were going to go further WEST!  He said, “You are going to travel through New Mexico, through Arizona, and into CALIFORNIA!”  The children were in shock.  They sat there with their mouths open, speechless!  They asked me and my husband if it were true!  Then, my father-in-law told them that they were going to Los Angeles, California!  He and my mother-in-law made the children more excited when they told them that this was where CHiPs was made!  My children LOVE that television show from the 70’s!  The children began to cheer!  Needless to say, it was difficult to get them in bed that night, but sleep was a MUST because our departure time was VERY early in the morning!!!

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