Friday, November 2, 2012

San Antonio: Day One

Our first day in San Antonio began EARLY!  The sun wasn’t even up…but we went “exploring” anyway.  I am glad that we did.  The River Walk had beautiful lighting and was very quiet because we were the only ones there!  It was nice to stroll around and not have to worry about bumping into people or to make sure that all of our family was still together.
First sight of the River Walk!

We also walked over to see the Alamo.  That was a spectacular sight in the “dark.”  They have lighting there, of course, lighting up the front of the Alamo…so it looked quite different (and much less crowded) in the EARLY morning hours!  While there, we saw a “ranger” who kept the grounds “secure.”  We talked to him a bit about when to come back to go inside.

 First sight of the Alamo!

Even though we had just left Denny’s a while ago, we stopped into a McDonald’s for a little “snack.”  This was the first time our children had seen a two-story McDonald’s!  We ended up eating here a few times while we were in town.  It was always open, and it was CHEAP! 

As the day progressed, we decided that we would just see the sights that day. We were all relatively tired, so we didn’t really do much.  We re-walked the River Walk during the day…

A duck family that we watched for quite a while!

We also went back to the Alamo during their “normal” hours. 

Awesome cactus on the grounds of the Alamo!
As we walked around, we spotted a “What-A-Burger.”  Every person that I have known that lived in or visited Texas had talked about “What-A-Burger,” so much so that I knew that I did not want to miss it if I ever got the opportunity to eat there.  So, lunch was a “no-brainer.”  We had “What-A-Burger.”  And what a burger it was!!!!  Mmmmmm!  I vote for a “What-A-Burger” in every city across America!!!!

We were all pretty tired by this time, so we returned to the hotel for a little rest.

My husband and I both got shots of this building with the cool clouds in the background!
After we had rested for a while, we decided to visit the River Walk for dinner!  We had a wonderful, entertaining, delicious authentic-Mexican meal!  It was a great way to end a great day!
 Waiting for our food...

 The view...

This mariachi band was going around to sing and play at different tables.  My husband got them to play at our table.  In honor of our children, we got to hear "La Coocaracha."

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