Friday, April 12, 2013

Reasons to NOT homeschool...?

I have been thinking lately about all of the responses that I get from strangers who find out that we homeschool our children. Many times when other parents hear that we homeschool, they say to me, "Oh, I wish I could do that, but..." They then proceed with reasons that they would not or could not homeschool. I am going to share with you some of the reasons that I have been told as to why parents say that they cannot homeschool their children. I will then share my feelings on that response. There are such a variety of reasons that I have heard, that I decided to do a series on it instead of one very long posting.

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“I went to public school, and I turned out all right.”   Maybe this is true…  Maybe you did go to public school, and maybe you did turn out okay…  BUT how do you know how you might have turned out had you been homeschooled?  I know that I would not have known certain words at an early age.  I know that I would not have known things that I wish I did not know at an early age.  My children see or hear things in public that they have not seen or heard at home.  A lot of the things they hear or see are geared toward children their age, such as cartoons that they are not allowed to watch in my house.  There is a reason that they have not been exposed to those things.  Some people say…”Well, they will be exposed to it sooner or later.”  I would much rather it be later, thank you.  There are things that children should not know until a certain age of maturity.  Many things are socially acceptable, but not morally acceptable.  As I think back on
my life, all of the things that I knew that were unacceptable to my parents, unacceptable morally, and unacceptable in a life committed to the Lord, were things that I learned at my public school from peers and/or teachers.  I am not saying that children who go to public school are automatically doomed or that they are not committed to the Lord.  I am just saying that if you feel like because you "turned out all right," that your children will as well, then it simply isn't true.  After all, you graduated from school quite a few years ago...schools have changed a lot.  I can say that with 100% certainty because I was public schooled from kindergarten through graduation...and then taught in the public schools after graduating from college.  The difference that I saw in just those few years was more than enough to show me in which direction the public schools were heading.


  1. Great post, Hillary. Today's schools are FAR different than the schools twenty, even ten years ago. Just because a parent went to public school and was fine doesn't mean the child will. I do not want my children learning things that are "socially acceptable" to others because, as you said, they are not morally acceptable. Great thoughts!