Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Word from The Word Wednesday

We have been studying Luke chapter 4 this week.  Early on in that chapter is the temptation of Jesus.  The devil tempts Jesus three times...once physically (He is hungry, and the devil tells him to turn the rocks into bread make his hunger stop), once mentally (the devil offers Him power), and once spiritually (the devil tells Him to "jump" and the angels will "catch" Him).  In each answer to the devil, Jesus begins with, "It is written..."  His answer, each and every time, is from Scripture. 
Our answer to temptation should always reflect Jesus' fight!  How did He "fight?"  He used the Word...  "The Word of God is our sword, and faith in that Word is our shield."  (Matthew Henry's Commentary)
What happened when Jesus answered the way that He did?  The devil went away.  "...if we resist the devil, he will flee from us."  Make your answer to temptation scare the devil away.  He will likely come back, at some point, but make your answer secure in the Word of God!
KNOW THE WORD so that it can be a "sword" when you are fighting off the devil.  Let your answers come from Scripture.
        Thank You for Your Word...for it contains all of the answers that we will ever need.  Help us to use it wisely when we are facing temptations.  Help me to be more proficient in the Word so as to wield it as a sword when needed.  Help me to always answer with Biblical answers...and to always resist the devil so that he will flee.
In Jesus name,